Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am a Mom

I am a Mom
I’ve been vomited on atrociously in public
I’ve sewed favorite stuffed animals
I’ve yelled when I should have been more patient
I kiss imaginary boo boos

I am a Mom
I haven’t had a peaceful trip to the bathroom in over four years
I’ve raced to the doctor terrified with an injured child
I dance in the kitchen in my PJs to Old MacDonald
I’ve turned the television on to babysit the kids when I needed time to myself

I am a Mom
I’ve said no to playing with the kids when I should have said yes
I’ve vacuumed while holding a baby and with another clinging to my leg
I’ve bought chocolate donuts for lunch when I didn’t feel like cooking
I’ve legitimately lost a child at a museum

I am a Mom
I secretly eat cookies when the children aren’t watching
I hide in the bathroom to make important phone calls
I do endless laundry
I love unconditionally

I’ve held my day old baby while having my hair “brushed” with a nasal suctioner and watching my daughter “nap” in a neighboring hospital bed. I am a Mom.

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