Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am a Mom

I am a Mom
I’ve been vomited on atrociously in public
I’ve sewed favorite stuffed animals
I’ve yelled when I should have been more patient
I kiss imaginary boo boos

I am a Mom
I haven’t had a peaceful trip to the bathroom in over four years
I’ve raced to the doctor terrified with an injured child
I dance in the kitchen in my PJs to Old MacDonald
I’ve turned the television on to babysit the kids when I needed time to myself

I am a Mom
I’ve said no to playing with the kids when I should have said yes
I’ve vacuumed while holding a baby and with another clinging to my leg
I’ve bought chocolate donuts for lunch when I didn’t feel like cooking
I’ve legitimately lost a child at a museum

I am a Mom
I secretly eat cookies when the children aren’t watching
I hide in the bathroom to make important phone calls
I do endless laundry
I love unconditionally

I’ve held my day old baby while having my hair “brushed” with a nasal suctioner and watching my daughter “nap” in a neighboring hospital bed. I am a Mom.


  1. This poem is awesome! Everyone of those things is true for me...even the donuts, lol. I know I'm a little late, but I just wanted to thank you for linking up for Feed Me Friday the other week and to let you know I'm following and subscribing back. Feel free to hop on over and link up again this week.

  2. Visiting from the Newbie Blog Hop on FB. Beautiful post. I love the photo caption, too.


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