Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Nemesis

My washing machine is my nemesis. Now let’s be clear about this, it’s not the dirty laundry but the actual washing machine that I hate. With a family of five, it’s just par for the course that there is going to be endless laundry. I’ve accepted this fact. However, my washing machine does not help my cause at all. It does this pretty awesome thing where about 40% of the loads, it does not fully spin dry. So that means that when I go down to switch it over to the dryer, I find that the clothes are still soaking wet and need to be spun again. Sometimes, I even find them soapy still and they then need to be rinsed and spun again. On super lucky days, after I re-rinse and re-spin, I go down to find that it needs to be spun AGAIN. Of course, I think the machine knows when I have tons of laundry to do, need something specific from the load, or it’s midnight and I’m trying to get the last load in the dryer, and decides that is the time that it’s not going to spin properly. It is truly infuriating. We’ve checked out the machine, connections, etc. and there is nothing obviously wrong with anything. We’ve had the machine for less than five years so I hate to have to buy a new one (I’m also super cheap). So until I give in and bite the bullet for a new machine, I’m going to continue the day to day battle. If anyone ever hears of a crazy house wife setting fire to her washing machine in the middle of the road someday, you’ll at least have this post to look back on.

Drain & Spin, my ass.

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