Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is There Anywhere He Can’t Sleep?

Last night, Henry was falling asleep at the dinner table so I made him get up. He proceeded to fuss about whatever it is that 3 year olds fuss about when they are overtired and then I heard quiet. I turned around to see this…

Henry fast asleep on the kitchen floor (head still up!)

This kid can sleep ANYWHERE. He is always the first one up in the morning and no longer takes a nap. If he wanted to nap in the early afternoon, I would have no problem with it. However, he doesn’t want to nap then, he wants to nap at 4pm and then won’t go to bed at night. With three small kids, I NEED for them all to go to bed promptly at 7:15pm. Sometimes he does fall asleep on the couch, in the car, etc. early in the day and that is totally fine.  Well it’s fine except for the fact that I then have to wake him up (he would sleep forever) and he is a total bear. I keep dreaming that he will sleep past 6:00am in the morning and this battle can end, but until that day I leave you with some classic Henry pictures…

Summer living is exhausting

Eating snacks is exhausting

Coloring is exhausting

Target is exhausting

Walmart is exhausting, too!

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