Friday, February 17, 2012

My Husband May Not Want to Come Home

My husband and I haven’t seen each other much over the last few days just due to work, meetings, and conflicting night time plans. I’ve had a bunch of things pop in my head and think “Oh, I have to tell Tim about that” but unfortunately we’ll be passing each other again tonight. Since I have lots to talk about all the time I’m afraid I’ll forget some of these things so I decided I’ll make a list of things to tell him when we finally get to catch up. Please note, NOTHING on this list is of any interest to him at all. These “gems” that I feel the need to share are things like updates on other people’s lives (that he doesn’t even know), rather mundane encounters I had with strangers while out in public, everyday things the kids did, and pretty much any other ramblings that I can come up with. So here the husband is thinking that tomorrow he’ll be able to enjoy a nice, relaxing Saturday morning and I’m going to bust out the list. Poor guy.   

I'm ready to talk!!

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