Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Easter Egg, Choking, and a lot of Vomit

This morning while doing the dishes, Isabelle yells “Daniel has an Easter Egg in his mouth.” Now with this type of comment, you don’t even get a reaction out of me anymore. Daniel ALWAYS has something in his mouth. It is certainly no reason to turn the water off and go check it out. I casually yell “Take it out of your mouth, Daniel” knowing that he will do no such thing. Then I hear the gagging. He had a half of a plastic egg in his mouth that ended up going farther down his throat than he anticipated and he started to choke on it. The choking then results in him gagging and throwing up. But wait, it gets better…the half an egg gets lodged in his mouth. He can breathe totally fine and the vomit found its way out around the egg so there is really no cause for alarm. Except of course, I can’t get the egg out. Oh, and he is hysterical. I spend the next minute or so fishing around in his mouth (which makes him vomit again) but finally get the egg out. He was shaken up from the experience which did not stop me from saying, “This is why we don’t put things in our mouth!!” Of course, my words fell on deaf ears since a minute later I saw him walking around with a bouncy ball in his mouth. Uggghhhhh!

"Oooh, I can't wait to choke on this egg later."

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