Thursday, April 26, 2012

If You Build It, He Will Come

Daniel loves birds, like ridiculously loves birds. He watches them from the windows, chases them outside, and points and yells whenever he sees one. It’s one of those things that I know I’ll look back on in ten, twenty, thirty years and say, “Oh, remember when he used to be obsessed with birds?” I don’t want this (most likely short lived) stage to pass us by too quickly so I decided to get some bird feeders to attract his new friends. The boys and I dropped Isabelle off at preschool today and headed to Home Depot. Please note, I never go to Home Depot. That’s a “Dadda Store” as the kids call it. But the boys and I went and $75 later came home with the supplies. Yup, you read that right - $75 for two poles, a hanger, two feeders, and bird seed. At that price, I was hoping that when I took them out of the boxes they would have some fairy dust that I sprinkle on them that makes the birds flock to them and magic that keeps the squirrels away but no dice. Regardless, the boys were super excited to help dig the whole and fill the feeders. Once we put up the first one Henry sat under it saying, “Birdies, your lunch is ready. Come get it!” So cute. I figure at a minimum, we got a great morning activity out of it so that is enough. Wait, who I am kidding? For $75 we better get some f’ing birds at those feeders for Daniel to gawk at!

My Mamma let me use a sledgehammer today!

Lunch is served!

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