Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Who is that Kid??

As parents we see our children everyday so we often don’t notice how much they have changed.  It’s the same as if you see a friend regularly and you don’t notice they’ve lost weight. However, if you don’t see a friend for a few months and bump in to them you immediately notice the change. Every once in a while I have a moment where I look at a picture of one of the kids and I think “When did (s)he get SO big?” Last night I met a couple of girlfriends out for dinner. It was 3 moms with our combined 8 kids and miraculously we had a fabulous time. All the kids were well behaved, everyone was happy, and it was cheap thanks to dollar burger night and half price apps.  While we were there I snapped a quick picture of Daniel enjoying his ice cream sundae. I didn’t look at the picture until today and this is what I saw…

Ummm…who is this kid? Where is my baby? When did he get all that hair? When did he turn from a chubby baby in to this BOY? I don’t get it. Didn’t I just have him? It is so crazy how fast the time goes by. Don't blink.

1 comment:

  1. ....don't remind last baby is approaching five! How the hell did that happen???


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