Monday, May 21, 2012

Mommy Bear Media: Family Friendly Movies

We’ve recently started a tradition of Movie Night at our house. We do it up with bean bag seating, popcorn, candy, and all the works. The kids get a big kick out of it and ask constantly when we can have the next movie night. I try to choose a new movie each time that both big kids will like (and won’t put the hubs and I to sleep!). It can sometimes be tricky so I was super excited to learn about Mommy Bear Media. They only offer family friendly movies including some of the best new movies on DVD. I can easily search their site to find movies that are a great fit for us and a great price. I love that I can search by Rating, Top Picks, and even by Age. I also love that Mommy Bear Media is a small, Mom owned business. Us moms need to stick together!
For our most recent movie night, I chose Lilo and Stitch. I ordered the movie on Wednesday and it was waiting in my mailbox on Friday with…wait for it…wait for it…FREE shipping! Doesn’t get much better than that. The kids loved the movie. It was just the right mix of aliens (for the boys) and adorable cuteness (for the girls). We’ll definitely be watching it (over and over) again.

So go check out Mommy Bear Media and order a movie today. Be sure to also check out their Facebook page and tell them Dollops sent you!

*As a Premiere Blogger for Mommy Bear Media, I received a coupon for a free movie. All opinions are my own.*


  1. Thanks for the great review! Not sure if you are already following us, but if you do you will see that we post this on our social media sites. We also added this to our Premier Blogger program links here:

  2. I would love to do a movie night, but that would eat into our Dexter on DVD habit. The kids are asleep and we cheer for a serial killer. That's not sounding too wholesome now, is it?

    1. We do the same thing! We love Dexter!! We're just waiting for the latest season to come out on Netflix.

  3. We LOVE Lilo and Stitch! You're's the perfect mix of boyish and girly. Our next movie night will be out in the driveway, projected onto the garage door. Can't wait!


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