Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A New Visitor In Our Yard

As I’ve talked about before Daniel is obsessed with birds so last month we put up a couple of bird feeders. I had to take one of them down because it was a losing battle with the squirrels but the other one has been a huge success. We get tons of birds that are all different varieties. They are not even scared away when Daniel yells “BIRD! BIRD! BIRD!” at them. They have just become used to the screaming toddler and continue on with their business. So as if the ongoing bird show out the window is not enough excitement for Daniel we know have a new visitor…

A Turkey!

All the kids are pretty excited about our new feathered friend. He’s been strolling the neighborhood alone for the last few days but I can only imagine that one day I’m going to walk out the door to find an angry gang of turkeys blocking my car. Until then at least Tom the Turkey is providing some free entertainment for the kids.

I'm off to get my friends. We'll see ya soon.

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