Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Real Shoe-tastrophe

I used to love shoes, but now they are my nemesis. I feel like I spend half my day cleaning up and organizing them. When we walk in our house (through the kitchen), we immediately take our shoes off. This is currently what beside the door looks like:

Even the pretend broom is disgusted by the situation and trying to clean it up

I have no control over them. We have a shoe rack but they never stay in there. Between kids throwing them out when looking for another pair, Daniel playing with them, and the quantity just being ridiculous, I feel like there is no hope. The rule (which is clearly broken) is that each person can have no more than two pairs of shoes downstairs at once. Of course, it always happens that when there are sandals there that we need rain boots or when we have sneakers down, we need dress shoes. Then as I’m trying to run out the door with the kids, I’m back upstairs (with the kids following me) searching in the closest for the right shoes. Then when we get home those shoes never immediately end up back upstairs and shoeapalooza continues. Before we know it the entire kitchen is covered in shoes. It is a losing battle. 

Shoes- That's your home. Are you too good for your home?!

I’m thinking of getting a big basket/bucket/bin that I just throw all the kids’ shoes in. The problem is that I know that is only going to cause me other headaches. Henry will never be able to find a matching pair of shoes. Daniel will empty the basket and sit inside it. Isabelle will complain that her shoes aren’t neat enough or that the boys’ shoes got hers dirty. 

What is a girl to do?? I'm open to suggestions!

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