Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Teaching Generosity to Children

Each month at Pre-K Isabelle works towards earning a badge that goes on her backpack. So far they have had: I am a Friend, I am Kind, and I am Thankful. This month they are working towards I am Generous and had specific instructions on how to earn it. Each child has to do something around the house to earn money. They then need to take that money and purchase hats and/or mittens for children in need.

Isabelle was excited about the idea of earning money so she would volunteer to do things whenever she saw the opportunity. One day she even went to the curb and grabbed the recycling bins (one of my least favorite chores – score!). She also helped do prep work for a gathering of friends that I had coming over in addition to picking up toys, etc. So after her hard work, she had earned enough money that we headed to the store for her to pick out some hats and gloves. She loved picking out the items and then proudly paid the cashier with her own money. 

I thought it was such a great way to get the kids involved with the spirit of giving. She worked hard at home to earn the money and then was excited to use it to buy for someone less fortunate. She’ll be heading to school today with her hats and gloves to hang on the “Giving Tree” that they have set up in the classroom. I’m so glad that Isabelle’s school focuses on not just academic teaching but also teaching them how to be good and caring people. It’s such an important lesson!  

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