Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Updated Advice: Don’t Ever Clean Your Rings

Three months ago I posted about how everyone should go get their rings professionally cleaned. Well now here I am rethinking that advice. I had my engagement ring and wedding band cleaned for the first time in six years and they looked great when they came back. The problem is since then, two diamonds have fallen out of my wedding band.

I guess that when you don’t clean your rings regularly lots of gunk can get stuck in them which actually helps to keep the diamonds in. Then when you clean it out it can make the diamonds loose. The first diamond was lost right after the cleaning and I was able to find and have it put back in. The second diamond was lost somewhere about two weeks ago and it’s anyone’s guess where it is. This time I went back to the original jewelry store where I bought it and they replaced the diamond and checked the settings. Since my band is small as are the diamonds that are in it I guess it’s not uncommon for them to fall out (although two in 3 months??). I told them to “super glue those bad boys in” so I’m hoping that this is the end of the diamond drama. 

So now after having two diamonds fall out and making two trips to the mall over the last week (with the children during peak holiday shopping time!), I’m thinking that I should have left well enough alone and never had them cleaned in the first place! I guess really in a perfect world what you should do is have them professionally cleaned once a year starting the year you get married. I’d also recommend bringing it to the jewelry store where you bought it from since they know the ring better and can keep records for cleanings/repairs for you. However, if you’re in my boat and have had it for years and never cleaned it then I’d suggest just loving the gunky, cloudy diamonds that you have!

Picked back up today and (currently) full of diamonds.
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