Monday, April 29, 2013

Eight Things I Learned from Boot Camp

Four weeks ago, I was petrified as I started a boot camp class after not working out for years. Pretty much if you looked up couch potato you would see a picture of me next to it. So now four weeks later, I’m here to give my tidbits of knowledge of things I’ve realized over the last month. They are, in no particular order:
  • The first week you will hurt in just about every muscle and bone in your body. You will partially feel awesome for your accomplishment and partially just want to dig your own grave (if of course, your arms would actually work to hold a shovel).
  •  You may need to pop an Advil while driving TO your second boot camp class because it hurts just to walk and you can’t even imagine having to exercise again. Not like I ever did that – wink, wink.
  • Jumping rope is MUCH easier when you are child.
  • You will do things that you would NEVER ever do or even think of doing before. I mean have you ever looked at a park bench and thought, “Oh, I’ll just army crawl under that – ya know, for fun.”
  • Getting up at 4:45am is actually NOT as bad as you would think it would be. Your body gets used to it and the class does actually give you more energy. Of course, you have to go to bed earlier which is also an adjustment.
  • Your instructor will recommend you buy running gloves partially for when you do burpees across the parking lot so you don’t shred your hands on the pavement. Instead, you will go to Target and buy $9 kid’s football gloves and call it a day.
  • If you continue to say, “I worked out this morning so I can eat whatever I want” you will not lose your muffin top. I’m still reminding myself of this daily.
  • Boot camp makes you swear.
So there you have it – that about wraps up my last four weeks. There are men and women from all ends of the fitness spectrum that get up BEFORE sunrise to have their asses kicked. These people are crazy – and now I am one of them. Oh, and did I mention I’ve now bumped it up from three times a week to five times a week. Seriously, what is wrong with me?!

If anyone is interested in jumping on the crazy train with us and lives in the Foxboro, MA area, check out The Extreme Challenge. We’d love for you to join us!

PS - Army crawling gives you elbow burn if you're a wimp like me.



  1. Zumba is enough of a workout for me, thanks, but that's awesome that you stuck with it. I felt like that after I did Body Pump the first (and last) time.

  2. I'm so proud of you! Is this the first week of 5 days? Man, I give you credit. You are gonna look HAWT at our water slide party this July!

  3. Good for you for sticking with it! I need a class like that, or 100. I know I will hurt and probably want to die-but I really need that type of get your a** in gear motivation from someone else. I doubt they have classes like this on good ole' Cape Cod but I definitely want to look for one now.

  4. Good for you!! So awesome! I think I need to mix things up and try boot camp ... I'm starting to get a little complacent with my routine.

  5. Awesome! I would totally go with you. But burpees across the parking lot sounds awful!

  6. Wow, good for you! Your review makes me want to try it and dig my own grave...

  7. "Boot camp makes you swear." Love it! Great job rocking the boot camp!

  8. Any woman who has army crawl burns is my hero. Well done!

  9. You are brave to do this! Super impressed.


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