Friday, September 27, 2013

I'm Losing My Mind

Yesterday, Henry and I arrived to pick up Daniel at his school's playground. A friend of Henry's came running over talking about a picnic. Henry asked if we were having a picnic and I quickly replied no. I then looked over to see my friend standing near a picnic blanket and remembered that we had set a date to have a picnic with the boys. We had talked about it, emailed about it, it was on my calendar and yet I totally forgot about it. I am usually so good about being on top of things and remembering everything but lately I keep slipping.

On vacation, our house was part of a community that you needed passes to use the pool, bus shuttle, gym, etc. On day two I lost all of my family's passes as well as our family friend's. I was SURE I had left them at the pool the day before since I had no recollection of seeing them after we checked in at the pool the day before. The badges couldn't be replaced unless we shelled out over $100 so there was lots of calls to lost and found, retracing steps, arranging different transportation to the beach, and stress that followed. Later that night, Isabelle found the missing badges - in my bag.

The other day I got to the gas station only to find that my credit card was missing. I had used it the night before at the grocery store and started to panic that I had dropped it there. I arrived home where my husband told me that Daniel had found it - on the kitchen floor.

I had been looking for my sunglasses for weeks. Every soccer practice when the setting sun was blinding me, I'd comment on how I wish I knew where my glasses was. Daniel found them yesterday - in my car exactly where they belong.

Sooooo yeah...I appear to be losing it. I guess my brain has just reached maximum capacity. I blame the kids. Goodbye with-it Diane, it was nice knowing you.

Me and my crew who I affectionately say "You, whatever your name is!" to each of them.

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