Tuesday, September 24, 2013

When Ear Tubes Fall Out

Daniel had ear tubes put in a year ago in February. Since the spring, they have been out of his ear drum and hanging out in his ear canal. I guess the average span for them is 1-3 years so it's normal. Clearly, I was hoping for closer to the three year mark as opposed to one but what are you going to do. Since they've been "out" I've been somewhat obsessively looking at them in his ear and waiting for them to fall out completely. And by looking I mean making him stand there while I poke and prod his ears while holding a flashlight. I am sure that's not the doctor recommended approach. Apparently, I didn't need to obsess about it so much because the other morning Daniel casually handed the tube he had pulled out of his ear to my husband. The hubs was grossed out by it (in his defense it was gunky and gross) but I was psyched to see it. All I could think was how I could put it in his baby box. Now, I say baby box because as the third child he doesn't have a baby book but rather a Tupperware box that I randomly throw things in for him!

So tiny yet so wonderful
It's really amazing how such a tiny, tiny tube can make such a difference. These tubes were LIFE changing for us. He went from having an ear infection a month (at least) to only a few over the year that he had the tubes. I'm hoping that this fall/winter he does okay without the tubes and we don't go back to infection after infection. We are currently still in the throws of inhalers and nebulizers since he was sick on vacation so I'm hoping that's all we have to deal with this winter. Well in a perfect world we wouldn't deal with either but I'm a realist so I'm thinking that might be too much to ask!
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