Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kicking Butt

I try to enforce a pretty strict no potty talk rule in our house. It's how I was raised and I feel like the world is full of bad words so let's at least limit them at home. We don't even pee in our house. We tinkle. So the other day we were driving and playing the fire hydrant game. What is the fire hydrant game you ask? It's a game where you shout out "fire hydrant!!" every time you see one. You then bicker with your siblings over who saw it first and who it actually "belongs" to. Anyway, I was playing with them and was doing a pretty amazing job (who cares that it's an easy game - I was winning). Without thinking about it I said, "I'm totally kicking butt." As soon as I said it I knew what was coming next. Henry gasped and said, "Mamma, you said potty talk." Yup, "butt" is potty talk in our house. We refer to that part of our body as our bum. So I said that in the context of that sentence butt wasn't really bad to say. Can you guess what I've been hearing non-stop since? Oh yeah, the kids are kicking butt at everything. I never would have even imagined you could kick butt at so many things in a day but they sure are. Note to self: Don't use potty talk again.

"I'm kicking butt at making silly faces"

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