Thursday, March 1, 2012

3 Years Ago Today...

Three years ago today, my mom passed away. I’ve been spending the last hour writing and then rewriting this post. I would start down one path and then end up somewhere totally different. I would start with talking about how funny and strong she was and then end up talking about how I remember Beverly Hills 90210 was playing on the tv when she took her last breath. (For the record, we both loved that show!). I would start talking about how she drove me crazy all the time and then end up talking about how completely horrible it was to see her deteriorate right in front of my eyes. I would start by saying how I have so many unanswered questions for her and end with the amount of pizza and donuts that I consumed while sitting vigil during her last few days. I would start talking about how I never wanted her to leave and end with how I eventually begged God to take her. I guess I’m just not ready to write an eloquent post about it yet. What I do know is that in my last words to her, I told her to let go because we were all going to be okay. We were going to take care of each other. And you know what? It was the truth. We are okay and we will continue to be okay because she has given us the strength to do it.

My mom and new baby Henry just a couple of weeks before she passed away. I’m so glad she was able to meet him.


  1. I'll second that heart/hug. Also, this was beautiful. Sometimes there is no right way to write about things, other than from the heart.

  2. So sweet, Diane! Your mom must be so proud of you. Now I know where you get all your good looks. I'm all teared up now. I'm sure she's smiling down at you today. Big hugs! xxx

  3. beautifully written Diane. I lost my Dad 16 days after Braden was born. The last picture of him ever taken was in the recovery room holding his new born grandson. I cherish that picture more than anything.
    You have a beautiful angel smiling down on your family. Thinking of you today :)


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