Friday, March 16, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Toddlers...

Today, I was helping out and doing some babysitting for a small group of kids with another woman. Of course, I also had my three kids with me. Yes, I recognize that it is kind of odd for the babysitter to show up with three kids of her own in tow! Anyway, the other woman I was babysitting was an older woman who we had never met before. Henry was standing by her and then said (loudly), “"Her teeth are scary!! Why are her teeth so scary?! Mamma, did you see her scary teeth??" Gotta love the filter-less system of a toddler!

What’s the most embarrassing thing your kid has said to someone in public?  


  1. Is it bad that I can't wait for my son to start talking so he will say funny and embarrassing things?


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