Monday, March 19, 2012

Biggest Loser: Final Results!

For those of you following along, today marked the end of my ten week Biggest Loser competition. I had an ultimate life goal to lose fifteen pounds (five leftover from each pregnancy) but honestly I would have been happy to lose five pounds total. Fifteen seems like such a lot of weight to lose and I honestly wasn’t sure that I had it in me. Well I’m happy to report that I did indeed have it in me. Actually, I had more in me for a grand total of sixteen pounds. So I’m down to my pre-Isabelle weight which I didn’t think I would ever see again. What I find most amazingly awesome is that I actually lost 10.74% of my body weight. Yup, huge, huh? I’m kind of a big deal but believe it or not, I wasn’t the winner because a friend of mine lost even more than me. I guess it goes to show if you put your mind to it (and stop buying ice cream) there isn’t anything we can’t do. So today, I’m going to rock my baggy clothes and feel pretty proud of myself (feel free to secretly or openly hate me).   

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