Monday, March 12, 2012

Parenting Fail

This morning, the kids and I were heading to the Y for a gymnastics class. We had the usual organized chaos of getting everyone dressed, diaper changes, potty runs, and shoes/coats. Now please note that Henry is NOT potty trained. I always put him on the potty before we go anywhere because he generally will go if you put him on but he will never, ever, ever tell you that he has to go. When you put him in underwear he inevitably pees through them regardless of how on top of it you are. So we get all set and head to class. It was a “big kid” class so Isabelle and Henry went in the gym on their own while I stayed outside with Daniel and the other moms/siblings. About half way through the class, Isabelle comes running to the door yelling, “Henry just did tinks everywhere!!” I look in to see Henry slowly but surely waddling his way over to the door. It is then that it dawns on me that I never put a diaper on him before we left the house. He went potty, I pulled his pants up, and sent him on his merry way to urinate publicly. Of course, I then have to apologize profusely to the instructor (who most likely hates me) and figure out what to do with him. I bring him and Daniel in to the women’s locker room and throw a diaper on him. Naturally, I don’t have any spare clothes at all for him so I spy a hand dryer that I use to dry his urine soaked pants. I then throw the pants back on him, gather Daniel (who was playing with a dirty mop bucket), and send Henry back in to class. So I get points for two fails this morning (1) Taking my non-potty trained son out of the house without a diaper on and (2) Letting him play for another hour in pants with dried urine all over them. Go me!

You're not cool unless you pee your pants!
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