Sunday, March 25, 2012

It Took Almost 20 Months but We Have Words!

As many of you know, Daniel is large and in charge but has been pretty quiet up until now. He has only said “uh oh,” “ho ho ho (as in Santa),” and “ball.”  For being (almost) twenty months old and only having these few words, the doctor has been encouraging me to have him evaluated for speech therapy I haven’t done it though because I’m not a worry wart and feel that he will talk when he’s ready. Well I’m happy to report that it appears that he is ready! Just within the last week, he has been popping out all kinds of new words.  He’s now added Dadda, bus, peekaboo, backpack, more, car, hi, and bye. Pretty much each day a new word is coming out and he is using them often and frequently.  I also have to say that he looks so ridiculously cute frantically waiving out the window and yelling “hi” at anyone that walks by that it was totally worth the wait! 

Mr. Big Mouth

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