Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Maybe 3 Kids Is Enough

I’ve wrote before how deep down I would really love to have another baby. When people ask if we “are done” I always say yes. Because we are done – or at least that’s what I’ve been trying to convince myself of. In the back of my mind though, I secretly thought that when Daniel turned two I could try to convince my husband to have another baby. Please note, this would take A LOT of convincing. I figured by the time he was two I would have had enough time to come up with a concrete plan (think power point presentation complete with colorful graphs) that I could present to the hubs about how it would be possible for us to have another child. The plan would include either an addition to the house or a baby sleeping in a dresser drawer – the details would need to be ironed out. 

But now as we are fast approaching Daniel’s second birthday (only a few weeks away) I don’t find myself feverishly working on my presentation. Instead, I find myself relishing the sweet spot that we are in. The spot where the kids are getting bigger (yes, they are still just 4, 3, and 1!). The spot where we can (somewhat) easily get out of the house. The spot where I can look into our future and think of fun family trips to take that would be enjoyable as opposed to a nightmare. The spot where I can go to BBQs and half-heartedly watch the kids in the yard while sipping on Sangria. The spot where I’m not  following crawling babies around making sure they don’t eat too much grass. The spot where my fingers are mine and not guides to help new walkers explore the yard. There are no panic moments when I realize that I haven’t seen the baby for a few minutes and he/she may be in the street, in a trash barrel, or touching the grill. I’m really enjoying where we are right now. I honestly can’t imagine getting pregnant and “starting over” again and I never dreamed I would feel this way at this point. Maybe, just maybe, three kids is enough and maybe I’m okay with that.

Maybe all I need is a crime fighting alien, a princess, and a diaper wearing tot trying to make a call on his fake phone

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