Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oeey, Gooey Pus and Why I Love It

Daniel had ear tubes put in the first week of February and I was hoping it would solve most (if not all) of the ear problems for our little guy. Unfortunately, he has still come down with a couple of ear infections post-surgery and had managed to clog up one of his tubes. Yup, he’s that gross that he manages to gunk up the piece of equipment that is supposed to be providing him with relief! So we were back at the ENT about a month ago to try to find a solution to the blockage since he was retaining fluid in the ear and it would inevitably cause infection after infection. The doctor said to apply ear drops in his ears twice a day for a month. Luckily, he LOVED getting the drops so 10 drops a day was a piece of cake. Not so much cake was getting him to sit still long enough for them to actually get down deep and do their job.  However, last week (week 4 of the drops) to my pure delight pus started coming out of his ear. I have never been so excited to see pus since I knew it meant the clog was clear. We were on vacation and I was seriously cheers-ing to pus. I have now been happily (ecstatically even) wiping pus and all kinds of disgustingness from his ear for the last week.  We followed up with the ENT today who confirmed the clog was cleared and said to just use the drops for 10 more days (since it’s still draining) and we should be good to go. So join me in a drink, raise your glass, and cheers to pus – magical, outstanding pus!

Gross (but cute) Daniel


  1. I would do the same thing! Glad the ear drops are working! Loved your post on your vacation home...I think. I don't know if I could have put up with a house like that! Hopefully next year you'll be able to find a nicer place that lives up to the advertisement! Enjoy!

  2. Oh how things change once we become a mother. I mean back in the day I would have nearly fainted at the sight of pus coming out of an ear. Glad to here your little man is on the mend.

  3. Yummy yummy puss! Our ear doctor didn't warn me about that when Joey had tubes put in. I thought his brains were leaking.

    No, I'm not very smart.

    Glad things are going better!


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