Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Terrible 4s?!

Isabelle is our oldest and has always been great. She was an easy baby, an ahead of the game toddler, a smart preschooler, and the list goes on and on. We’ve been lucky – until now. For the last few weeks, something has happened. She has turned into a little devil. She does not listen. I repeat, she does not listen. She argues with me over the tiniest things. She knows things are wrong and she does them anyway. I tell her to stop doing something and she turns and looks me in the eye to defiantly say “No, I will not stop.” She fights with her brothers over everything and freely hits or kicks them to get her way. I constantly hear her say, “Henry, I am NEVER playing with you again.” This is then followed by the sound of Henry crying. As if that isn’t enough she also is throwing elbows and pushing when they walk by for no reason. She is straight up just being mean to them! Luckily, she only chooses to demonstrate this “awesome” behavior at home to her brothers. If she’s going to be a nightmare I’d prefer for her to be a nightmare at home and not while out with friends. But is a nightmare really my only option? Can I get that picture perfect, amazing little girl back? Please, pretty please?

Since the Time Out chair was becoming her new vacation spot, today I decided to up the ante.  While we were out she was being ridiculously defiant so I told her she was not allowed to swing on the swing set for the rest of the day today or tomorrow. Swinging on the new swing set is her favorite thing to do so this hit hard. In hindsight, I should have told her this after she was in the car and not while we were still approaching it since she FLIPPED OUT when I told her. Oh well, two can play this game. Devil Mommy is coming out and I’m going to win even if I have to play dirty. Game on.

Gonna be a swing-less couple of days!

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