Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Totally Tubular!

Daniel was at the doctor’s office yet again last week for an ear infection. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back and determining factor that he needs to have tubes put in. The poor kid has had nine ear infections in the last eleven months and they also think it might be playing a factor in why he doesn’t speak yet (besides “Uh oh” and “Ho ho ho” (as in Santa!)). After some appointments at the ENT and some testing out of the way, they wanted to get him in as soon as possible so he is scheduled for surgery on Monday. This now makes the second surgery for our little man in less than a year. Although, I am not looking forward to the surgery, I am glad that this is an “easy” procedure and am excited about the end result. Imagine a month where I am not at the doctor’s with him for an ear infection? That would be the kind of month that dreams are made of. I’m also interested to see if the surgery does jump start him using words. I am honestly not that worried about his speech. I think that when he is ready, the words will come but it will be interesting to see if the ears were the problem all along.  

Besides, I haven’t had too much time to worry about Daniel’s surgery because I’ve been pre-occupied with Isabelle who has come down with pneumonia. The glory of having more than one child is that you never have too much time to worry about one child because you are busy worrying about another! If all plays out according to my game book, Isabelle will be back to 100% in time for me to focus on Daniel. Of course, Henry is the wild card in this equation. What kind of illness or injury do you think he’ll come down with before Monday?
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