Friday, August 10, 2012

A Boy Room and a Girl Room - But When?

Isabelle and Henry have been sharing a room since they were babies. Once the third kid came along we were going to wait to see the sex and then make a boy room and a girl room. The lucky duck who was born the only boy or girl would then get their own room while the other two permanently shared. The problem? Lucky duck Isabelle has no desire to have a room of her own. When Daniel was first born we offered Isabelle her own room and she promptly declined. At the time we kept the “big kids" (aged 2 and 1 at the time!) in their room and newborn Daniel got his own room which worked well for nighttime feedings, naps, etc. Fast forward two years later and I thought for sure she would want her own room full of pinkness, butterflies, chokable Barbie accessories, and glitter but no dice. Maybe that’s just my dream? She insists that she stay in Henry’s room “forever” (her words). Now I can see that a move to a room alone after always having someone with you could be a bit scary. She asks things like, “What if I have to tell Henry something from my bed?” I then tell her she can just get up and go in his room and tell him. Of course, when the time comes, if she does leave her room I will totally yell at her about it (sshhh…don’t tell her that).

Now really there is no rush for the kids to switch rooms but it just feels like unfinished business. In case you don’t know, I’m a planner. A big time planner. It’s driving me nutty to not know when the rooms will be switched – to not know when things will officially be settled. In an effort to make her see the awesomeness of a new room, I’ve been pointing out cute things in stores and telling her how when she has her own room she could get them and decorate the room however she wants. She is intrigued but still stands firm on her current room status.

On the flip side, Henry has now become very excited about his room being switched to a “boy” room. He talks constantly about, “When Isabelle moves out.” I love that he talks about it as if she’s leaving the house and not just moving in the room next door. I now find him flipping through catalogs picking out all the things he’s going to have in his new room. So far he’s picked a red couch, a truck rug, Spiderman decals, and an owl statue. He’s also requested more windows in the room. I think he might have a future in interior design. Now if only we could get his sister to move out. 

With a bed like this imagine how she would decorate a room of her own?


  1. Our kids were resistant about splitting up at first, just like Isabelle. But, once we started picking out paint colors, and physically splitting up the boy stuff and the girl stuff, they changed their tune. It took about two days before we heard the first "get out of my room!" shout from one of them. Now, you'd think they always had their own rooms. Go figure.

  2. You just never know. My two oldest are a girl and boy 7 months apart. They shared a room for several years then had their own rooms then their sister needed a room to her self and they jumped at the chance to be in a room together. They love it (partly because they sometimes stay up late talking). It may be because they are in the basement. They both say they are scared to sleep by themselves. So I don't know what to do. They are 7/almost 8. My girl already has to change in the bathroom so her brother doesn't see her and I'm worried when school starts about them staying up late and talking but their sister really should not be sharing a room with anyone. What to do . . .

  3. I guess when it's right, it's right. My sister and I shared a room until I was 10 and she was 6 (obviously a "girl" room LOL) until my parents couldn't take our fighting any more and seperated us. My boys each have their own rooms, although they would LOVE to share, but I know them too well and there would be too much horsing around if I put them together right now. God, that made me sound just like my mother.........

  4. You sound like my wife with the "unfinished business":) I have finally convinced her that no matter how painful, she has to get the kids' permission before changing their sleeping arrangements.

    Ours is slightly more complicated though as we have 4 bedrooms between 7 kids (the 8th one stays in a sleepout outside the house).


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