Sunday, August 5, 2012

Best Maid of Honor Speech

As a child, I had a love/hate relationship with my cousin Janet. As a VERY small child I told my mother that our family would be better if she wasn’t in it. We fought about board games ALL the time. Since our birthdays were close together we were forced to have joint family parties when everyone else got their own parties. The list of atrocities goes on and on. 

This picture is the epitome of how I remember my childhood – She’s the one striking a pose and blocking out half of my face.

Luckily, we were able to get past it and become the best of friends. She was the maid of honor at my wedding in 2006 which was especially huge since we only had a MOH/best man (no bridesmaids/groomsmen). She wrote a totally kick ass speech that I have framed in my living room. Today for no reason in particular I’ve decided to share it with you…

Born in November just two years apart
First Tim, then Diane, two halves of one heart.
It would be years before the two finally met,
They had lots of living & learning to do yet.

Raised safe & sound on Brenda Ave. with Froggy in her bed,
Audacious from the start was our beautiful red head.
She looked up to her Big Brother, turned to her Mom for advice,
And thought, “If the Lambs didn’t have a Janny, wouldn’t it be nice.”
Luckily for me, her sentiments were swayed,
And we were friends in time to lead the Disney World Parade.

With roots to grow and wings to fly,
She was off to Assumption in the blink of an eye.
Great minds think alike so Tim was nearby,
Working hard to become an engineer at WPI.
Although each was living just down the street,
Fate was not ready for these two to meet.

A new job at Sun Life & lots of new friends,
The party invites were endless, but Di could always attend.
Sprite & Stoli Razz were on the menu, that is why,
The duo finally met that Momentous July.
At first Di wasn’t sure if Tim was a bore,
But giving her number was the exit toll at the door.
Tim called for a date, like any smart guy,
And didn’t even waiver when she came down with pink eye!

It didn’t take long for these two to see,
Timothy Patrick and Diane Elaine were just meant to be.
They have come a long way since those Watertown days,
Teaching each other in so many ways.
Diane has begun to recycle, reduce, and reuse,
While Tim knows pink is ALWAYS the color to choose.
A perfect match from the moment they met;
There is no doubt that their happy future is set.

Join me in a toast to my favorite cousin & her best friend,
May the love you share for one & other have no end,
And may it grow stronger with each day you spend.
Awesome, right?

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