Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Things the Tooth Fairy Never Told Me

Yesterday, Isabelle lost her first tooth which meant the Tooth Fairy would be making an appearance. A tooth under the pillow, some cash, and it's a done deal, right? Not so much. I found myself beginning to panic around 11pm when I realized I was totally unprepared for the whole Tooth Fairy thing. Did I throw the tooth away? Did I keep it? Did I let her keep it? Did I leave a note? Did I leave dollars? Did I leave change? So I did what any smart person would do in this situation and I asked my Facebook fans. Of course, the variety of answers and hearing about how some people had pretty kick ass Tooth Fairies in their lives only made it worse. So many options and such little time! So I now give you the top things the Tooth Fairy never told me...

  • The first lost tooth is TINY. I'm not sure if it's extra tiny because she's only four or what but it is so, so small. I had to take a picture so I'd always remember just how small it was.

  • That little bit of dried blood in the bottom of the tooth doesn't come out. Nope, not even if you're anal and try to clean it out with a Qtip (iiicccckkkkk! I'm still shuddering over the fact that I did this.)
  • You have to save the first lost tooth or all Facebook will make you feel very guilty.
  • In the end, your child is going to be SO excited that the Tooth Fairy came that it doesn't really matter what you leave in exchange for the tooth. I went with a note with her favorite stickers on it and coins in a smiley face. She still thinks coins are more cool than dollars and doesn't understand the whole concept of money yet so I'm going to take advantage of it while I can! The little yellow box is what I used to put my teeth in as a child - my mom saved it!

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