Monday, August 6, 2012

Backpacks Are Purchased!

For the first time this fall, I’ll have two kids in school. Isabelle will be in Pre-K and Henry will be starting Pre-School. Today, we conquered the most important task before starting school – the big backpack purchase! Henry picked his out in 3 seconds flat while Isabelle hemmed and hawed even though it was clear that she would end up with princesses in the end. She’ll also be bringing lunch to school this year so she was psyched to pick out a lunchbox, too. 

What backpacks will your kids be sporting to school this year?


  1. Nice. My 8 yr old picked out the most expensive backpack that Target had to offer (no joke - it was like $45) and my little man, who is heading off to kindergarten next month picked out Batman.

    1. I saw those expensive ones at Target (where we got ours as well) and promptly steered the kids far away from them! Luckily, for me they are still hooked on character bags.

  2. I forced Jackson to choose from 4 Stephen Joseph bags when I got a deal ($17 for a backpack and lunchbox). He chose the poison dart frogs. I told him he had to love it for at least 2 years. Hopefully it will last him a little longer than that and I can get away with not buying a new one until first grade.


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