Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where’s the Beef?

For a couple of years, Tim had been on a kick that we should purchase bulk, farm fresh meat. I finally gave in to his crazy idea mainly to stop hearing about it. Now to be honest, I had absolutely no idea what it meant to buy a quarter of a cow. I envisioned driving to the farm and coming home with a cow’s head strapped to our roof or something along those lines. When I found out the meat was all cut, labeled, and vacuum sealed in portion sized bags I started to think the idea may not be so bad.

So early last summer, on our way home from a trip to Vermont, we stopped at Wheel-View Farm in Shelburne, MA to pick up the meat. The farm was beautiful and the owners were super nice. Of course, I was sneezing like a maniac because Mother Nature and I don’t really get along but beyond that it was a great experience. We were able to easily pack up the meat in coolers and bring it home with us.

We purchased 100 pounds of beef and did a 60/40 split with another family. So ever since then, we’ve had meat - lots and lots of meat. The only problem that we came across with it was when we lost power twice last summer for extended periods of time. We had to move the meat to family/friends’ houses until we got power back. Clearly, that wasn’t the poor dead cow’s fault so we can’t really complain. Note to self: Must buy generator.

So yeah, it’s been great to never really have to think about buying meat since it’s always there. So today, I went down to the freezer and found that we only have about 5 pounds of beef left. Gasp! I'm starting to panic. What on earth will we do? Go to the grocery store to buy meat? Who does that?! It might just be time to make another trip to the farm (something I never thought I’d say!).


  1. Early last summer, like as in 2011? Year old meat surely can't still be good, right? Even if it was frozen? My general rule of thumb is 3 months tops.

    1. Yes, summer 2011! Meat properly prepared and vacuum sealed can stay good in the freezer for a year+. I wouldn't do it with grocery store beef but definitely meat from the farm. The meat we had today still tasted as great as the first meat we had a little over a year ago. No freezer burn, no weirdness at all. Crazy!

  2. We raise 100% grass fed beef in Michigan along with pork and chicken...once you try it you won't buy store bought is just sometimes hard to get people to try it. I understand the big difference and it is great knowing how the animals were raised!

  3. My husband has a stomach like a steel trap. He's been known to eat meat found in the freezer that's 3 years old. Normal people would die. Not Joe.


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