Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Big Happenings: First Lost Tooth!

Isabelle lost her first tooth today! It had been wiggly for a bit and was SUPER loose this morning. She gave it one little pull and it came right out. I still can't believe it - she's only 4! She is so very, very excited. We left it out by her bed and looks like the Tooth Fairy will be making a visit tonight. Wow - just wow.


  1. I had NOTHING to do with it! She's wise beyond her years! Congratulations Belle!

    1. The "incident" at your house knocked her top two teeth loose but they went back in place after avoiding biting with them for a couple of weeks. This bottom one was totally all its own doing. Like she's a legit big kid and all. I can't get over it!

  2. Man, K is 4 1/2 and I'm not prepared yet. I don't have the special tooth pouch. I better get working on it. You've got me thinking.


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