Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A New Spring Bag!

I happened to look at my bag the other day and noticed that it was in rough shape. How is it that you can carry around something every day and not notice the dirt and holes? So with the promise of spring in the air I went and picked up this new bad boy. It's totally not something that I usually would buy but I figure why not? After all, last week I never would have gone to a boot camp class and now look at me (Yup, I survived this morning, too!). Of course, since I bought the bag the temps have dropped back down to highs in the 30s but me and my bag will be all ready for when spring and summer come a knockin'!


  1. Hey, that's pretty nice! I've been looking for a new bag and nearly bought an orange one the other day. I was downtown and saw so many fabulous, beautifully-colored bags and realized my drab canvas one should probably be replaced!

  2. After two mornings of boot camp, you so deserve that fun new bag!


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