Thursday, April 25, 2013

Unique Photo Gift Idea

On Saturday, my cousin got married. In addition to the standard wedding card with money, I also wanted to give her something a bit more from the heart. Now what's more personal than a gift that includes three cute kids? So I printed out a saying for each of my kids to hold and then glued it on construction paper. We then headed outside and I took a hundred few pictures of each child holding up their designated sign. I then picked my favorite picture of each child, had it printed, and put in a frame. I give you the end result...

"Congratulations Auntie Janet and Uncle Joe!"
The best part is you can use this idea for any event, holiday, or just for fun. You can also have the signs say whatever you want. If you have the time and patience you could also have the kids help to make or decorate the signs. If you have a baby, you can also simply place the sign in front of the baby (like I did with Daniel for his through the months pictures). Pretty much the ideas are endless and it's a gift that's sure to be a hit!


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