Thursday, April 4, 2013

Target Fail

Isabelle, Daniel, and I headed to our home away from home this morning, aka Target. It started out like any other trip - trying to convince the kids (and myself) that we don't need everything in the Dollar Spot. I then ran into a Dollops reader (Hi Lisa!) who introduced herself to me. Love when that happens!

Of course, it didn't take long into our trip for Isabelle to announce that she had to use the bathroom.  Will I ever be able to go to a public place without touring their bathroom facilities? I don't think so. Oh, and you're always in the exact opposite spot of where the bathroom is when you need to head there. So on our journey to the bathroom we cut through a closed check out line where Isabelle walked directly into the counter where you use your credit card. It was exactly at the wrong spot and a BAD bash. It's looking much better now but at the time it immediately formed a big red/blue bubble on her eyelid which forced her eye shut. Those eye injuries are the worst. After taking one look at her completely deformed eye, the Target staff was very helpful in supplying us with an ice pack (thank you, Target!).

Unfortunately, between caring for Little Miss One Eye and constantly supplying snacks to keep Daniel quiet during the actual check out, I forgot to pay for the milk that was in the bottom of the cart. The trip started out so nicely yet ended with me as a Mom Clepto. You can't win em all, right?

Contraband Milk
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