Monday, April 1, 2013

Boot Camp: Day One

Last night I set the alarm for 4:45am and settled in for a restless night sleep. It turned out I didn't even need the alarm because nervous anticipation had be me up before it went off anyway! I then headed out to my 5:15am Boot Camp class. For those of you thinking you've landed at the wrong blog after reading that last sentence - rest assured you are in the right place. After not working out for years (this is not an exaggeration) I jumped off the deep end of the crazy pool and signed up for Boot Camp. I am happy to report that I SURVIVED!

When I got there my two girlfriends (who I suckered in to signing up with me) were also just getting there. The teacher immediately said, "Okay girls, go give me a lap." Ummm...does she realize that is not a normal thing in my world? A scoop of ice cream? Yes. A lap around the gym? No. I knew I was in trouble then. We then followed that with 50 sit ups, 50 push ups, 50 squats, 50 jumps, and then 50 minutes of me thinking I might vomit. At first I thought it was the running that made me feel like I would throw up. Then I thought it was the squats. Then I thought maybe it was all the weights. Then I realized it was really just everything that caused that feeling. Good news is though I did NOT vomit (Go, Diane!).

I also did my first set of Burpee exercises today. Like a dork, I had to ask the teacher to show me how to do them because everyone else there already knew. She called me her "Burpee Virgin" and high fived me. Let me tell you - that was a virginity that I would have been fine with keeping.

But yes, long story short: I am alive and well. I'll be doing this three days a week now for the next four weeks so I'll be sure to keep you updated on any horror stories.

Please note: I'm writing this post now while I'm still on the workout high and before the muscle pain kicks in and I can't move. I feel the post would have a different vibe if I waited until then!

6:15am - Sun rising and work out is done!
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