Friday, November 4, 2011

The Effects of “Snowtober”

The first snowfall of the year fell on October 27th which also happens to be Isabelle’s birthday.  The poor girl is now going to have to hear me say every year, “I remember the year that it snowed on your birthday.” I sure hope she’s excited about that. My birthday is a couple of weeks away and I can remember having some of my birthday parties in the snow so I suppose it’s not that big of a stretch that we got snow but it sure felt early. Anyway, the first snow came and went without incident. However, the Nor’easter that followed a couple of days later was nothing but a pain in the @ss for us. We lost power at 7pm on Saturday and didn’t get it back until Tuesday in the late afternoon. Luckily, we have become power outage experts after being without it for 4 days after Hurricane Irene just a couple of months ago.  However, this time around it was cold, got dark earlier, and we had a sick baby so it was definitely more of a challenge. All things considered though in the light of power we are all no worse for wear except for a few inconveniences.

Exhibit A

This lovely tree decided around 11pm on Saturday that it would like to relocate to our yard. Now all things considered we are pretty lucky that it only took out a part of our fence.
Exhibit B
It could have been so much worse especially considering the kids’ bedrooms are on that side of the house. So this tree actually had some decent manners in falling the way that it did but now the problem is it is taking up the entire yard. Not cool, tree. Not cool.

Exhibit C

It also turns out that our new up close and personal backyard neighbor is covered in poison ivy so even if I wanted to let the kids play around or on it, I can’t. Tim has a really bad reaction to poison ivy (he basically looks at it, it jumps on him, and attacks every part of his body) and now is not the time that I want to find out if the kids have it, too. Plus, even if we could play around this tree we have another problem: falling branches.

Exhibit D
We have huge branches hanging off trees that are just waiting for the right gust of wind to snap off and fall.  See that circled part above? That’s where it used to be attached to the actual tree trunk. So for now we are banned from the yard until we hear back from the insurance company and can then have someone come out to remove the trees and branches of death. It’s a total bummer because I’m sure these next couple of weeks are going to be some of the last nice weather days that we have before the dreaded winter. Oh, well, like I said it could have been worse. 
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