Monday, February 18, 2013

Proposals Aren’t Always Perfect

I woke up and hopped in the shower like any other morning. That day was special though because Tim and I were going to be celebrating a belated Valentine’s Day. Tim had planned out our day and it was a surprise for me. After the shower, I went to put my jeans on and they were missing – not in the drawer where I knew they should be. I checked the hamper and a few other spots and they were nowhere to be found. These were my go-to Saturday jeans and like any normal person I started to flip out and tear the apartment apart. Tim insisted that we would find them and to just wear another pair. The way he was reacting was odd – he didn’t seem to get that they were truly MISSING. Like someone stole them during the night missing. I eventually decided to let it go and we hopped in the car to Newport, RI.

It was a cold, COLD day in February and we stopped to look at the ocean. It was beautiful - from the car that is. When he asked if I wanted to get out and walk around every ounce of me wanted to shout, “NOOOOOO!!!” but then I started to wonder if he was going to propose. We had been together for two and a half years, we lived together, and getting engaged was definitely on the radar. I couldn’t risk being “that girl” who refused to get out of the car when her boyfriend was trying to be romantic and propose. So we got out and walked around for a bit but it was so cold. The wind was whipping and I had tears running down my cheeks. When no ring appeared in sight I said it was time to go back to the car.

It turns out though that there was a ring. Tim did plan on proposing but the ridiculous wind and subzero temperatures dampened his plan. We then headed to one of the historic mansions and went on a tour. I walked around enjoying it while Tim stressed the whole time looking for a new spot to propose. However, it was a guided tour and they don’t just let you run amuck and have alone, private, proposing time. So now the mansion had come and gone and the ring was burning a hole in his pocket.

We left the mansion and I thought we were heading home but instead he turned in to the driveway of a Bed and Breakfast. We got to the front door and it was locked. We rang the doorbell and no one came. We rang again and again and still no one came. It’s kind of a miracle that Tim kept his cool at this point. We ended up going back to the car and after about twenty minutes, he was finally able to get through on the phone and they unlocked the door for us. Apparently, they were upstairs on the phone and didn’t hear the bell. We finally checked in and got to our room. I walked in and heard the door slam behind and Tim quickly said, “Sit down on the bed, I need to ask you something!” I think he thought that if he didn’t ask RIGHT away that some other interference would occur. He proposed and I (obviously) said yes. It was not the picture perfect, ocean side proposal that he had planned but it made a perfect memory for us. It was also exactly seven years ago today.

Oh, and I found my jeans in the bag that he had secretly packed for me for our weekend away! :)

Our tickets from the mansion tour and a soap wrapper from the B&B
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