Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blizzard of 2013

So we got a bit of snow over the last couple of days...

The kids were SO excited. Me? Not so much. My husband who had to shovel the driveway? Even less thrilled.

But how can the pure excitement of the children not make you smile?

We were VERY excited (and surprised) that we did not lose power since we have lost power for multiple days in previous storms. So all in all we have absolutely nothing to complain about this storm. My friend who is a nurse worked yesterday and then slept at the hospital last night. On her way home this morning her car got stuck three times. The last time she was unable to get it out and had to walk a quarter of a mile in the snow to get home to her husband and two girls. We are really blessed to have selfless people like her that go out in these storms to take care of others. A big thanks to all the essential personnel who make our world a better place!

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