Monday, February 11, 2013

Snowy, Swing Set Fun!

I was lucky enough not to have to shovel our driveway after the blizzard (my awesome husband did it). However, in a moment of weakness I agreed to shovel a path to the swing set for the kids. Although a path doesn't seem like much, when I was half way through the yard and waist deep in snow I was beginning to realize just how crazy I was. I had two followers "helping" behind me though on our quest to the North Pole (aka our swing set) so how could I stop? We eventually made it and the kids had so much fun that it was worth it.

Henry debating if he wanted to slide down (while Isabelle throws snow on him!)

Isabelle ventured down, snow and all!

Jumping off the top level in to the snow (no bones were broken!)

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