Saturday, November 5, 2011

Daniel's 15 Month Appointment

With three small kids, we are regulars at the doctor’s office. Between well visits and sick visits, we just can’t get enough of the place. Yesterday, Daniel had his 15 month appointment. He weighed in at 27 pounds, 2 ounces and is 33 inches tall. That is the 83rd percentile for weight and the 93rd for height. He still holds the crown for our biggest baby at each appointment with Isabelle a close second. Skinny Henry isn’t even in the running. The doctor couldn’t help but comment on the number of bruises he had on his head and legs. I told her that he is a climber and tries to keep up with the big kids. She’s probably reporting us to DSS as I type. She also suggested that we start Daniel with Early Intervention since he doesn’t use any words yet. I passed on it since I am not worried about it. He is only 15 months and I think he will talk when he’s ready. Plus, his siblings talk so much as it is that I could use a few more months of just babbling from him. Other highlights from the appointment include when he was playing with the wooden gag stick, stuck it all the way down his throat, and spit up all over me. I guess I can’t blame him for this. I mean I did give him a GAG stick to play with. Also, when leaving the appointment I managed to knock the roll of stickers off its holder only to watch it unravel all the way down the hallway. At least with the time it took me to roll it all back up, it gave Isabelle plenty of time to narrow down her choices for the perfect sticker. Poor Daniel gets poked and prodded with 3 shots and walks away with nothing but Band-Aids while the other 2 happily hop along with new stickers.  Oh well, he’ll get his revenge. After all, we’ll be back at the revolving door doctor’s office next week for Isabelle’s check up.  
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