Sunday, November 6, 2011

The End of an Era

After two difficult, cold turkey days filled with fussing, temper tantrums, cup throwing, Mamma hating, and most likely mild dehydration, Daniel successfully completed “Operation Full Time Sippie Cup.” We are officially a bubba free house and it feels SO good.

Just chillin on a cooler with my sippie


  1. We have one remaining bub. I don't know why. I kept one out. So he switched right over to the big time ones.....I bought some crazy new in-betweeners from Nuby that he is using, but they drip all over my house. Maybe I need to go straight to the big guys too. He's so cute. Glad he's done hatin'!

  2. We also have the leaking Nubys!! Love them because the baby can figure it out but hate the milk spots everywhere! I couldn't handle them anymore so I had to just pull the trigger and switch to "big boy" sippies. Daniel was NOT excited about the change but hey I'm the boss around here!


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