Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A House of Mishaps

Daniel decided the time had come for him to say his first word (well words actually). He started busting out “uh oh” yesterday. Of course, when he does it, I start clapping like a goon and yelling “Yay!!” so he is now repeating it all the time and quite proud of himself. I guess he must have got the memo from the doctor – “Uh oh, she want to send me to speech therapy!” Actually, it’s quite funny because “uh oh” has been the first words now for all three of our children. Mamma? No. Dadda? No. Uh oh? Yes! Apparently, we must live in a house full of errors, mishaps, spills, and accidents. Our kids witness it every day and when they finally are able to make their mouth say what their brain has been thinking all this time all they can muster up is “uh oh!”
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