Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Spit Up Curse

When, oh when, does the spit up end?  The first six weeks of Daniel’s life he was the perfect baby that ate and slept happily. After the six week point, monster Daniel took over his body whose main form of communication was through spit up. It’s amazing he ended up being a chubby baby since it felt like he just regurgitated everything that you fed him. Now in his defense, he does have a milk intolerance which is what I would try to remind myself of after he would spit up all over me on the way out the door. Now let’s fast forward 15 months to the present day and low and behold he is still spitting up. Now it is definitely WORLDS better than before but is it too much to ask for it to be non-existent at this point? I feel like I’ve definitely smelled enough curdled milk to last me a lifetime.  So this year when I blow out the birthday candles you can all figure out what I’m going to be wishing for.

Is this me covered in spit up shortly after I had Daniel? Nope, it’s from today.

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