Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scrambling Like a Maniac

I’m an organized person who generally has everything planned out to a tee.  That being the case, I find it so frustrating that no matter what I do, the ten minutes prior to getting out the door are always ridiculously hectic. My life would probably be easier if I just gave in to the madness and allowed myself to be late but being late is pretty much unacceptable in my world. Instead, I run around like a maniac yelling “We’re going to be late!!” at the kids. My frazzledness has no effect on them and they continue to get ready at a snail’s pace. Now I’ve tried multiple things in order to help reduce the stress level. I lay out everyone’s clothes and have my bag packed with essential items the night before. I have a list of any last minute things that I need to grab before we leave.  We are up at least an hour and a half (sometimes much longer) before we have to go anywhere in the morning. Yet, no matter what I do something always inevitably comes up. Common occurrences are: one of the boys poops, it takes Isabelle ten times longer to brush her teeth than normal, Henry insists on trying to put his shoes on himself, etc. So I try to anticipate these problems and give ourselves a ten minute buffer to accommodate. Sure enough though, even with the buffer it never seems to work out stress free. Today’s hiccup was on top of a last minute necessary diaper change, I also had to find the ice scraper for the first time this season. That damn ice scraper totally screwed me over!!  Now, of course, we were still completely on time to drop Isabelle off for preschool yet I had to run around like a chicken with my head cut off. I would love (and I’m sure Tim would, too) if I could be able to get out of the house stress free and without having to snap at someone. Does anyone have the magic solution for me?
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