Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday and although I had lots of well wishes for time alone, fuss-free children, and endless supplies of candy, I did not have any of those things. I did, however, manage to have a pretty good day regardless!  I think I scared Isabelle away from ever wanting to be a grown up after breaking the news to her that grown ups (generally) do not put up party decorations, do not have guests arrive, and do not get lots of presents. Since she felt bad for me, she let me wear her birthday pin. 
Henry took this picture so we're lucky any part of our heads made it in the shot

After also letting her know that most Mammas end up making their own cakes, she was happy to step up and assist.

Henry’s no fool. He knows the best part of making a cake is licking the spoon.

Master decorators hard at work (with one jealous onlooker)

That’s a wrap folks. Another birthday come and (almost) gone!

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