Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Top Five Reasons I Hate the Library

I apologize in advance to all librarians and avid library lovers but here we go…

(1)    Have you ever tried to have a four, two, and one year old maintain a quiet voice for a long period of time? Enough said.
(2)    Daniel destroys libraries. He literally just puts a hand out and shoves as many books, CDs, DVDs, etc. off of the shelves. While you’re trying to clean up his first mess, he is screeching and off ruining another part of the library and/or has run out the exit. The librarians force a smile but they really want to kill you.
(3)    Months and months ago, Tim made the mistake of letting Isabelle play a game on the computer when he took her to the library. Ever since, every time she complains how I won’t let her play.  Tim has never been back to the library since.
(4)    We always end up (abruptly) leaving with about twenty books since I feel the need to get every book they want because each time I leave I say to myself, “I am never coming back here again.” We then get home and the worst part is they want me to actually READ to them.  Now one or two books are okay but you know they want all twenty.
(5)    The library books disappear. I try to keep track of them, we have special places for books in each room, but inevitably when they are due back there is always one that eludes me. Luckily, the late fee is miniscule but it drives me crazy that I can’t find them. On that topic, if anyone sees a “How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?” lying around my house, please let me know. It’s currently overdue and MIA.

More books, please!

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