Saturday, November 26, 2011

How many is too many for a sleepover?

Growing up in my house as a child, it was just my mother, my brother, and I. On the opposite end of the spectrum, my husband, Tim, grew up in a house with his parents and twelve siblings. He is one of thirteen children which always seems to shock people. It’s funny because when we first started dating I was also shocked by this fact, however, eight years later it feels so natural for me. Of course, it took years for me to meet all the siblings since they are spread out over the country. However, we are lucky enough to have an East Coast collection that are pretty top notch if I do say so myself. We just returned home from spending the last few days with my sister in law, Peggy and her family. She hosted a delicious Thanksgiving meal for tons of family. On top of that, she was gracious enough to open up her four bedroom house to nine adults, nine children (ages six and under), and let’s not forget the two babies still hanging out in wombs for overnight stays. Yes, that’s right, she let us all SLEEPOVER for multiple nights. She is way nicer than I am. With these visits, we always stretch the limits on air mattresses, pack and plays, and couch space but it is always a great time. Cousins play for hours on end while the women gossip (and referee) and the men work on household projects.  While these visits lack a lot of sleep, they make up for it with lots of laughter. I never would have dreamed that this enormous family would become my norm but indeed it has and I feel pretty lucky for that.  
Cousin power!

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