Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Deck the Halls

A few weeks ago, we decorated the house for Christmas and did the whole tree thing. After a couple of years of being blinded by fairy tale ideas of picking out the perfect Christmas tree as a family that never turned out the way I (obsessively) planned, I now just send Tim to buy one and bring it home. It worked out well this year since the tree flew off the roof while he was driving home on the highway. He pretty much risked his life to retrieve the tree and bring it home for us. I most likely would have just kept driving! This isn’t my first time at the rodeo so I planned tree trimming around Daniel’s naptime. The big kids were excited to decorate the tree and we had a nice little morning. 

The perfect road kill Christmas tree

Upon Daniel waking up he was VERY interested in the tree.  I kept telling myself that the thrill of it would wear off and he would just leave it alone. Yeah, not so much. I spent the following weeks one by one removing the ornaments from his mouth and/or chasing after them as he threw them across the room (in his defense, ornaments do look a lot like balls). 

 So now a few days before Christmas, our tree is looking very bare from the waist down but it did provide him with endless hours of enjoyment. Oh, and it totally also put him on Santa’s naughty list. Hope you’re excited for coal, little Buddy!

Please note the very bare looking bottom half of the tree!

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