Friday, December 2, 2011

A Visit With Santa

I have no false pretenses about what a visit with Santa will be like. I do not expect sugar plums and smiles. I expect tears and fear which is why I always just bring the kids to whatever free, local Santa I can find.

Both Henry and Isabelle let me know from the beginning that they did not want to sit with Santa which is fine with me. I still planned on torturing Daniel with his first visit. However, when the time came, they all ushered up to him so I just started snapping. It started off pretty decent…

Then came this....
Then this...
 But finally, this...

 Tears AND smiles? That’s a total win in my book!


  1. Aww:) My kids have all been terrified of Santa. We don't even talk about Santa much at home- the gifts under the tree are from us- but they know who he is, obviously. Wonder what the other kids tell them about him that makes them so afraid though? Lol

  2. Love it! What's a Santa picture without at least one crying kiddo?? It just makes it...right, y' know? :P

  3. We went to the mall today to see Santa, but when I saw the length of the line, I decided against it. My kiddo is young enough to not know the difference, and I don't know what I was thinking going to the mall on a weekend. Sheesh! However, looking at your screaming pictures, I almost wished I'd braved the line, these pictures are priceless!

  4. Cute blog! Can't wait til my little one is old enough to cry when she sees Santa haha..I'm following ya now :) Cheers!


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