Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Magic and Misery of DVRs

Okay, so I love my DVR. We received a free year of service when we switched cable providers almost two years ago. Of course, the free year came and went and there was no way I could get rid of it. Something that lets me watch General Hospital, Teen Mom, and all kinds of trashy shows at a moment’s notice, how could I ever give that up?  Now I know there are all kinds of other ways to watch shows in an instant (over the internet, Roku, etc.) but we are still cable people (mainly because we are just too lazy to make the switch) so let me just enjoy my DVR.

But of course, with all great things comes a problem. The DVR has created little monsters in my house. I made the very foolish mistake of fast forwarding commercials on some kid shows for them. BIG MISTAKE. Now every time they watch TV all I hear is, “Commercials!!!” whenever they come on. They yell it as if their eyes will burn out of their sockets if they are forced to watch them. Now let’s keep in mind that most times when the TV is on it’s because I am trying to do something productive (or just escape the kids). No such luck now, Isabelle will come find me in other rooms in the house just to tell me that the commercials need to be fast forwarded. I tell her to go back and she whines and complains all the way back to watch the horrific commercials. There’s no way Henry would lose his comfy spot on the couch so instead he just yells, “Mommy!!!!!!” until I respond. This morning I was all soaped up in the shower enjoying a few minutes of peace with the baby napping and I hear the yelling. So much for a peaceful shower. I’ve also heard Isabelle say to Henry, “When Mamma was little she had to watch commercials ALL THE TIME.” They talk about it like I had the worst childhood ever because I had to watch commercials. I haven’t even broken the news to them yet that we also had like five channels and no remote control. That might just send them over the edge. So yes, my wonderful DVR has now become a source of pain and irritation, but I suppose if this is what I am complaining about then life can’t be that bad. I’m off to go fight the good fight about fast forwarding!
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